Honfleur Travel Guide

1 / General

Old harbour of Honfleur

This small Norman town, located between land and sea, faces Le Havre. Its beautiful landscapes have inspired many painters since the late 19th century.

Population: 7913 inhabitants

Population Density: 579 inhab./km2 (miles square)

Area :13,67 km2 (5.28 miles square)

Demonym: Honfleurais, Honfleuraises.


Postcode: 14600.

2 / Transport

The location of Honfleur makes it very easy to get there. Opened on the sea and on land, you can also access the city by plane!


If you leave from Paris, you need to take the motorway. First, take the A13 (exit “Beuzeville”), then the A29 (exit “Honfleur”). After a 2h10 travel (not counting traffic jams!) and a €12.80* bill (thank you beloved tolls!), you can finally enjoy the peacefulness of the town.

If you leave from Paris, you need to take the motorway. First, take the A13 (exit “Beuzeville”), then the A29 (exit “Honfleur”). After a 2h10 travel (not counting traffic jams!) and a €12.80* bill (thank you beloved tolls!), you can finally enjoy the peacefulness of the town.

If the car park is full, rendez-vous at the Quai de la Quarantaine (328 yards far from the Old Harbour) to find a car park of 520 spots. As for the price, you will pay €2* for 1 hour. If you stay longer than two hours, you will pay €4*. However, you might be lucky to find a free spot along the streets!

TER Basse Normandie


Leaving from Paris? You have two options:

  • You can take a regional train that goes directly to Deauville-Trouville station (direct journey)
  • Or you can take another regional train to Deauville-Trouville that calls at Lisieux

Either way, the journey is of about 2h10 long
Once you are at Deauville-Trouville station, both buses n°20 and n°50 can take you to Honfleur.
For more information, please click here.


Airport of Deauville


If you choose to fly to Normandy, the Deauville-Normandie airport is only 10 kms far from the city center.
But don’t worry; you will not have to walk all the way to and from the airport. Many shuttles will be more than happy to drive you to the beautiful city of Honfleur.

Should you need further information, please click here

Ferryboat Porthmouth - le Havre


If you feel like it, you can reach Honfleur or England in ferryboats thanks to the numerous connections that exist between Le Havres and Portsmouth.

Peole walking around

Going around the town

The best way to visit Honfleur is by foot. However, several buses can take you around the town. Each ticket costs €0,50* (with or without connections).

Please click here for more information

3 / When to go ?

Honfleur’s cultural life is very rich. Let’s see what awaits you this year…


- March :

  • Honfleur becomes the capital of the French-speaking sphere. The festival Paroles, Paroles pays tribute to those who love Molière’s language. Music, live shows, poetry, exhibitions… The French-speaking sphere becomes art!
- April :
  • Honfleur hosts its Wine Fair in the Greniers à Sel. This will be the occasion to meet local producers from all over France and discover regional products (in moderation of course!).
  • April is the perfect month to wander in Honfleur public garden. “Passionément Jardin”[Passionate about Gardens] is a major event that gathers 80 stallholders who will offer you everything you need to be the perfect gardener. Come discover (or rediscover) many exotic flowers.
- May :
  • Please come to the Greniers à Sel for the Glass Fair! Many artists and craftsmen will be present to show you their work and perform live.
  • Ahoy Sailors! In May, they have the place of honour. You are all warmly invited to take part in the festivities that will celebrate the lives of those whose lives are related to the sea.

- August :
  • You can’t help beating the time every time you hear jazz music? Surrender to the sound of saxophones and double basses. The Greniers à Sel become the sanctuary of jazz music. Are you ready to dance all night long?

- September :
  • September: we all need to go back to work… Forget those first gloomy days! To do so, come to the humour festival “Estuaire d’en rire” Famous French comedians have already stepped on the scene, who is next?


4 / Information and useful adresses

Traveller information :

Tourist information center : http:/en.ot-honfleur.fr/

Emergency number: dial 112 (European number)

Fire brigade: dial 18

Ambulance / Paramedics: dial 15

Police: dial 17

Missing children: dial 116000

National center for emergency calls for people with hearing problems: dial 114

Museums and Places to be :

L’Enclos and Les Greniers à Sel:

Le quartier and St Léonard church :

Neighborhood and Ste Catherine church :

La Côte de Grâce and le Mont-Joli:

Le Vieux Bassin and the Lieutenance:

Eugène Boudin Museum :

Marina Museum:


La Forge:

Le Petit Musée d’Alphonse:

5 / Budget in Honfleur


The following prices are indicative. They refer to a one night stay in a standard double bedroom and may be subject to confirmation at the time of booking.

In Honfleur, you can find different types of accommodation such as:

  • Hotels
  • Campsites
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Furnished apartments


Economical accommodation between 30€ and 50€ :You will find small and cosy hotels as well as apartments. And they’re not that far from the city center.

Average price (between 50€ and 100€) : You will sleep in prestige hotels and B&Bs.

If your budget goes over 100€, you can expect high-standard hotels, B&Bs and furnished apartments.

Take a look at our website to find a place to stay in Honfleur.


The following prices are indicative. They refer to the price of one course or a menu for one.

From 2,50€ to 5€ : Fancy an ice-cream? One ball or two? Pistachio or caramel with salted butter? Listen to the wise advice of the ice-cream makers from Glaces de la Ferme, the best factory in town. There is plenty of flavours and the prices are teeny tiny. !
(Glaces de la Ferme, Rue Geneviève Seydoux)

From 15€ to 30€: Go to Bacaretto. This restaurant and wine bar will totally please you with its welcoming atmosphere.
(Bacaretto, 44 rue de la chaussée)

From 30€ to 60€: Do not hesitate and stop at Bréard. The chef carefully chooses his products to create exquisite recipes and mix different textures. Embark on a tasty journey to deliciousness.
(Le Bréard, 7 rue du Puits)
The restaurant L'Homme de Bois, warm and cosy with a fire place inside a half-timbered traditionnal house, offers  Norman food for a very reasonable price. An excellent address that not many tourists know about.

From 30€ to 130€ : Tonight is the night and you want something special? The Sa-Qua-Na. is the perfect place to eat excellent cuisine. It is probable the best restaurant in town. Prices are a bit high, but it is totally worth it.
(Sa-Qua-Na, 22 place Hamelin)

Culinary specialities

Normandy is well-known for its camembert, warm oyster and apple pie served with a glass of cider. What about Honfleur? The town has its own hachis Parmentier called hachis honfleurais. However, this one has nothing to do with granny’s recipe.
For this typical recipe, you need to mix several different meats. Which one you may ask? It is up to you to solve that mystery…Once you have mixed the minced meat, put it in a terrine. According to the tradition, you are supposed to eat a slice of this pâté with three jelly cubes. Three jelly cubes?! Yes, but you don’t have to chew them.
Let the cubes slowly melt in a pan and sear the slices of pâté. Once the meat is cooked, serve with French fries or baked potatoes.

What about a drink?

From 1,50€ to 33€: The Spanish atmosphere of Taberna sounds promising. Located close to the Old Harbour, the music and tapas will make you come back! Should you want a coffee, a mojito or a glass of sangria, you may find what ever you desire from €1,50 to €25. As for the tapas, you can create your own selection made of three tapas for €10,90* or you can put your faith in the chef who will choose for you. You will pay €20* for a selection of six tapas and €33* for a selection of ten.
(La Taberna, 6 rue de la ville)

De 2 à 11 euros : Have a drink while enjoying the great view from the Le Perroquet Vert terrace. Staying inside or outside, you can’t be disappointed with this place. Be careful though with the prices, you can easily have a long bill. Coffees start at €2 and all biers are €6,40* worth. As for cocktails, prices go from €8 to €11*… ‘Told you !
(Le Perroquet Vert, 52 quai Sainte Catherine)

6 / Unmissable visits!

Harbour of Honfleur

Like we said, Honfleur is a small town. However, it has nothing to be ashamed of in comparison to big cities.

Essential stops

Le quartier de l’enclos and les Greniers à sel : If you take a walk near the Town Hall, do not forget to have a look around: you are at the heart of Honfleur historical center! The name of this neighbourhood comes from the old walls which protected the town [enclos = enclosure]. During the 14th century, the town erected walls to protect itself from the English.
The Greniers à Sel, where all the big cultural events take place, are located in this area. They were classified as Historic Monument in 1916.

Neighborhoud and Saint Léonard church : This area is very close to the tourist information center. The big church was built in honour of Saint Leonard, patron saint of all prisoners. The church was almost destroyed in 1357, during the English invasion. It was reconstructed after the Hundred Years War and is now considered as one of the most beautiful French Gothic church.

Neighborhoud and Sainte-Catherine church : This neighbourhood rose from the ground at the same time as the reconstruction of the town walls. Many sailors and “Peoples of the Sea” lived there. You can still see their legacy while you walk around the area. Saint Catherine’s church, built in the 15th century, stands at the center of the medieval neighbourhood. Classified as Historic Monument in 1879, Honfleur is very proud of having France’s largest wooden church with a separate bell-tower.

La Côte de Grâce and le Mont-Joli : Let’s go to the hills surrounding Honfleur. Notre-Dame de Grâce chapel offers a beautiful panoramic view on the bay. Built between 1600 and 1615 by sailors and bourgeois, the chapel was erected on the ruins of another one that was built before 1023.
If you like bells, go to the left-hand side of the chapel to find a dozen bells ringing every 15 minuntes.

Le Vieux Bassin and la Lieutenance : This is end of our city tour. But wait a minute! There is one thing left to see: the Old Harbour and La Lieutenance.
Along the Harbour is La Lieutenance, which was the King’s Lieutenant’s residence during the 17th century. It is the only medieval vestige, though it is hard to see it.


You can’t leave Honfleur without having seen the famous paintings of the “hometown artist”. To do so, go to the Musée Eugène Boudin; where you will see an impressive collection from this impressionist painter.

Honfleur has a very peculiar relationship with the “Gens de la mer”. The Marine Museum, located in the former Saint Etienne’s church along the Old Harbour, was created for them.

Quirky Honfleur

Need a change of scenery? Visit the Naturospace ! As soon as you step inside this zoo, you will embark on a journey to a faraway land. Butterflies, exotic birds and animals, the tropical forest… That sounds very refreshing, doesn’t it?
If you have an artistic temperament, La Forge is the place to be. Florence Marie invites you to enter her colourful and zany dream every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
For those who can’t hold back their curiosity, you will have to climb up the stairs to the smallest French museum: Le Petit Musée d’Alphonse. Located above the Passocéan pharmacy, you will be amazed by the collection of uncommon and original objects.

*This travel guide was published in March 2015, prices may then vary.

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