Grenoble Travel Guide

1 / General


A long time ago, Grenoble was the capital of the Dauphiné region. Today, Grenoble is still a dynamic and attractive city located two steps away form the mountains.

Population: 158 346 inhabitants

Population Density:8734 inhab/ km² (miles square)

Name of the inhabitants: Grenoblois, Grenobloises

Region: Rhône-Alpes

Postcode: 38000,38100

2 / Transport

By car

Reaching Grenoble from Paris can be a very long trip. Indeed, Grenoble is located 580 km away from the French capital which means about 5 hours on the road (breaks not included). This trip will cost you about 100 euros (toll + gas). From Lyon, the road trip will last only about an hour and a half and will cost you about 20 euros*. Once you get there, you’ll have to find a parking spot !

Parking on the streets

Grenoble is divided in 3 zones :
  • Green zone (not downtown) : €0,50*/h.
  • Orange zone (downtown) : €0,50* for 18mn, €1* for 35mn, €2* for 1h09, €3,5* for 2h.
  • Purple zone (hyper-centre) : same as Orange zone except that you get a 50% discount between noon and 2pm.

Car Parks

If you feel more comfortable with leaving your car in a car park, don’t worry! The city has 20 different car parks. In some of them, you will even be able to book a parking spot in advance.

Parking Relais

For a green solution, you can discover the Parking Relais : you leave your car in one of those special car parks and use public transportation to get downtown. You can get your ticket for 2 euros* when you enter public transportation (usable for 1 hour).

Grenoble train station

By train

From Paris, you can reach Grenoble in only 3 hours by train. You will have to take a train Gare de Lyon. For more information about prices and tickets, have a look at the SNCF website.

Grenoble airport

By plane

If you prefere to fly to Grenoble, you will land in the airport Grenoble-Isère, located about 40 kilometres away from the centre of the city. To get to the city or to the airport, you can get a bus or a taxis.

Transportation downtown

During your stay in Grenoble, you will notice that it is fairly easy to get anywhere in town thanks to the 5 tramway lines and the 40 bus lines. The prices are very low, a single ticket will cost you between 1,50* and 2 euros* and the day pass is only 5 euros*.

3 / When to go ?


Cabaret Frappé If you like festivals, you will probably love this one! In summer, thousands of Grenoblois and Grenobloises gather in the Jardin de Ville to celebrate music and theatre. Adults as well as children, professionals or amateurs, all are invited to join the party! On the plus side, some of the concerts are free!

Festival du Film Court en Plein Air This film festival takes place on the Place Saint-André and presents about 50 French and foreign movies to the public. You might even discover a soon-to-be star director… Who knows?

Révolutionnaires de Vizille History nerds will love this event. Every year, the town of Vizile offers its visitors to go back in time and to re-discover the landmarks of french Revolution. Thanks to the reconstitutions and the numerous animations, the Révolutionnaires is a wonderful event that won’t disappoint you!


Coupe Icare Men have always wanted to be able to fly… During this festival, this dream is going to come true. Mid-september, athletes compete to win the Coupe Icare (or Icarus’ Cup) in the valley. During this sports event, you will also have a chance to take a good look at the most wonderful landscapes of the region.


Le Millésime If you like wine and want to know more about it, you must attend this event! Every year, music and wine-lovers gather downtown and listen to good music while discovering the best wines of the year.

4 / Information and useful addresses

Office de tourisme :

Emergency: 112 (zone Euro, le 112 redirige sur les numéros 15, 17, 18, 115 et 119)

Fire station : 18

Medical emergency : 15

Police : 17

Missing kids: 116

Touristic attractions

La Bastille:

La route Napoléon:

Theme visits:

Grenoble with kids:

5 / Budget in Grenoble


Average prices for one night in a double room. Prices may vary.

From 30 to 50 euros*:
for this price, you will get a nice but simple room in a hotel located downtown. Some of those hotels are located right next to the train station, which can be convenient.

From 50 to 60 euros*:
you will stay in a nice hotel (up to 3 stars!) located downtown and quite close to the main touristic attractions.

From 60 to 80 euros*:
you will get a room in a 3 star or 4 star-hotel located in the very chic areas of the city.

More than 80 euros*:
you will stay in one of the best hotels or B&Bs of the city, in the center of the city and your room will probably have a nice view on the mountains.

Take a look at our website to find a hotel to stay in Grenoble.


Average prices for a menu/ meal for one persone. Prices may vary.

From 2 to 12.5 euros*:
for a nice snack, we recommend 231 East Street, where you will find fast food like burgers and French fries. For a different ambiance, discover the very soothing Jardin du Thé. You will enjoy their pastries and have a relaxing time. (231 East Street, 10 Grande Rue) (Jardin du Thé, 2 rue Millet)

From 15 to 30 euros*:
the restaurant Une Semaine sur Deux will welcome you downtown. You will find a lot of colourful meals on its menu. For a more traditional outing, discover Le Tire Bouchon, a very nice bistrot serving only local products. (Une Semaine sur Deux, 3rue Condorcet) (Le Tire Bouchon, 3 rue de Turenne)

Fromm 40 to 120 euros*:
For an exceptional lunch or dinner, reserve a table at the Auberge Napoléon Restaurant for a very French escapade and a nice gastronomic meal. If you want a table with view, discover the Chavant, another gastronomic restaurant located in a dreamlike landscape. (Auberge Napoléon Restaurant, 7 rue Montorge) (Chavant, 2 rue Émile Chavant)

6 / Unmissable visits!

Grenoble téléphérique

La Bastille

Grenoble is a historical city and its Bastille is the living proof of that. The Bastille was built during the 19th century just above the city. To get there, you will have several options:

Once you’ve reach the Bastille, you will be able to have a nice meal but also to discover the museums and to have fun in the forest !

Grenoble route Napoléon

La route Napoléon

When Napoléon left the Elble Island after his ten-month long exile, he walked 337 kilometre with his troops. This itinerary he used is called Route Napoléon today and, if you feel like following it, you will discover some wonderful landscapes.

Visites Thématiques

The city offers a large number of thematic guided visits. The athletes will enjoy discovering the city by bike. Others will propably like to visit Grenoble through the scope of gastronomie or the art nouveau. Don’t worry, science nerds, you get a thematic visit, too!

Grenoble with kids

If you travel with kids, you know it is sometimes difficult to keep them busy and interested… Thanks to the tour Les Visages en Ville, they won’t get bored and will keep an eye out for the famous faces that are to be found everywhere in the city!

* This travel guide was published in July 2015, prices may then vary.

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