Gerardmer Travel Guide

1 / General


Population: 8423 habitants

Density: 154 hab/km²

Name of the inhabitants: Géromois and Géromoises

Region: Lorraine

ZIP code: 88400

2 / Transport

You may have noticed already, but Gérardmer is a tiny town and does not own proper public transportation.
Thus, we advise you to get there by car or to rent one so that you can go around town and discover the beautiful region of Lorraine.
Gérardmer is accessible through the A352, N57, 159, 415 and the roads D8, D417, D430.
If you don’t want to drive to or from Gérardmer, you can get there by train (and arrive or leave from the Gare d’Epinal located 45 minutes away from Gérardmer, or the Gare de Saint Dié des Vosges, which is 40 minutes away, or the Gare de Remiremont, 35 minutes away) or by plan (Colmar airport is 1 hour away from Gérardmer, and Nancy-Metz airport is 1h30 away).
From those different locations you will be able to rent a car or to get the bus to Gérardmer.

3 / When to go ?

Gerardmer en hiver

During winter:

Gérardmer is above all a ski station. During winter, you will have the occasion to discover the Domaine de la Mauselaine located above the town. The Domaine is composed of 20 ski runs, most of them located only 2 minutes away from downtown. The station will allow you to ski, but also to wander in the woods with snowhoes. For more information, click here.

Gerardmer en été

During Summertime:

But Gérardmer is so much more than just a ski station. We advise you to discover this lovely town during summer in order to admire its forest and to spend time around its lake. It is during this part of the year that you will have the chance to hike in the mountains: the Club Vosgiens takes care of the 350 kilometres of hike trail that surround the town. If you feel like it, you can ask to join the members of this club during a hike in order to discover the region with its pro hikers! More information here.

4 / Information and useful addresses

Traveller information :

Office de tourisme :

Emergency: 112 (zone Euro, le 112 redirige sur les numéros 15, 17, 18, 115 et 119)

Fire station : 18

Medical emergency : 15

Police : 17

Missing kids: 116


Ski station:

Le club Vosgiens:

Ferme Musée de la Soyotte:

Terrae Genesis:

Parc aquarium des Naiades:

Musée Faune Lorraine:

Confiseries des Hautes-Vosges:

Les Hautes Mynes:

5 / Budget in Gerardmer


Average prices for one night in a double room. Prices may vary.

From 35 to 55 euros*:
for this small price, you will lodge in a simple but comfortable room of a familial hotel not too far from the centre of Gérardmer.

From 55 to 70 euros*:
you will be staying in a beautiful châlet, a nice hotel room or a spacious appart’hotel.

From 70 to 100 euros*:
you will be staying in one of the nicest Bed and Breakfast of the region or a beautiful hotel downtown.

Plus de 100 euros*:
for this price, you will have the choice betwen a luxurious hotel with all the commodies you could ask fort (spa, pool, sauna…) or the best Bed and Breakfast located right on the banks of the beautiful Lake.

Take a look at our website to find a hotel to stay in Gerardmer.


Average prices for a menu/ meal for one persone. Prices may vary.

From 5 to 20 euros*:
for a post-hike snack, we recommande la Mémé , a lovely bistrot where you will enjoy delicious and simple food for very small prices.

From 20 to 35 euros*:
discover the region of Lorraine and its culinary specialities at La Taverne Alsacienne . For a different ambiance, but equally delicious French meals, visit L’impasse du 32.

Fromm 35 to 75 euros*:
are you looking for a fancy dinner during your stay? Don’t look any further and go straight to the Black et White, a beautiful restaurant where you will discover the regional specialities in a very moderne and original way.

Plus de 75 euros*:
for an exceptional meal, book a table at Les Bas Rupts, the restaurant of one of the best hotel in France (according to the Relais and Chateaux de France award)!

6 / Unmissable visits!

Gerardmer haute mynes

In spite of its size, Gérardmer is a very animated place where you will not get bored during your vacations! Summer or winter, here are a couple of activities that might interest you.

  • La Ferme de la Soyote:
  • discover an old and traditional farm. During your visit, you will probably learn a lot about French way of life in the 18th century.

  • Terrae Genesis:
  • this hands-on museum will make the little ones very happy! If you’re curious about our planet’s history, this museum is made for you! A large part of the visit focuses on fossiles and on the geological history of the Vosges, the perfect occasion to learn how mountains appear! Free for kids under 10 yo, 3,50 euros for the 10-18 yo and 6 euros for adults. Warning: the schedule change in summer, have a look at the website before planning your visit.

  • Le Parc-Aquarium des Naiades:
  • if you’re lucky enough to visit the region during summer, we recommand the Parc-Aquarium. This wonderful space exists since the 1980s and will allow you and your children to discover different spieces of fish and animals. You will also certainly enjoy a walk in the wonderful garden. For its 25th anniversary, the Parc Aquarium has been entirely renovated.

  • Musée Faune Lorraine:
  • Located in the moutains, this beautiful museum will allow you to discover the fauna of the region in its natural habitat. 4,50 euros for children, 6,50 euros for adults.

Gerardmer confiserie

  • Confiseries des Hautes Vosges:
  • if you have a sweet tooth, you have to discover the Confiseries des Hautes Vosges. Tours are organized everyday, except on Sundays (you cannot visit on your own). You will also have a chance to taste new candies and to bring some home with you!

  • Les Hautes Mynes:
  • the most courageous will probably enjoy this visit of the inside of the moutains. Tours are organized daily and supervised by professionals. In the summer time, readings are organized in the Mynes during the evening. Booking requested. Free of charge for children under 5 yo, 6 euros for children and 9 euros for adults.

* This travel guide was published in July 2015, prices may then vary.

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