Deauville Trouville Travel Guide

1 / General


Let's do something new, shall we instead of having two separate city guides, we decided to offer you this special one that combines two cities. Deauville and Trouville are geographically close, so why not reunite them ?


Population: 3775 inhabitants

Area: 3.57km²

Population Density: 1057 inhab/km²

Demonym: Deauvillais, Deauvillaises

Region: Basse-Normandie

Postcode: 14800



Population: 4758 inhabitants

Area: 6.79km²

Population Density: 701 inhab/km²

Demonym: Trouvillais, Trouvillaises

Region: Basse-Normandie


2 / Transport

By car


Located 200km from Paris, Deauville and Trouville are the very end of the Normandy Motorway (A13). You will get to relax on the seaside after 2h15 drive and a 30€ bill (gas + toll roads).

If the place you are staying at doesn't have a private car park, here are some options you might consider.


The roadside parking areas are divided into 2 zones
  • Yellow zone(city center)
  • Grey zone (seaside)

As for car parks, you can choose between the one near the harbour or the market. Prices vary according to the option you choose Don't forget to check the price list!


After the smartphones and smartTVs, discover the smartcity. today, you can say goodbye to the parking ticket machines. Indeed, Trouville offers you the possibility to pay what you owe thanks to your smartphone. All you need to do is fill in a form with your name and credit card details. Once you're done, select the zone you're in and pay by phone. easy as pie, isn't it?

Vinci park gives you the possibility to leave your car near the seaside

Deauville train station

By train

For those who decide to travel by train, they all leave from Saint-Lazare station. The fastest trains can take you to Deauville/Trouville in about 2 hours. Please note that the Norman train station is located in Deauville. To go to Trouville, you can either cross the Touques river by foot or by boat.
To book tickets or check the departure times, please visit the SNCF website.

Deauville airport

By plane

If you'd rather travel by place, you will land at Deauville-Normandie airport. Located close to the city center (15 minutes by car), you can easily go there thanks to the shuttles (leaving from Deauville train station). Should you need a change of scenery, please note that you can fly to England and Greece (Heraklion) all year round. During summer, you can even fly to MOrocco, the Greek islands, Malta, Portugal ect...

Getting around town

None of the towns has a public transports network. However, you can easily walk around town without tiring yourself. If you want to go from one town to the other, here is an original way to do so: Trouville little ferryboat.
If you want to visit the entire Calvados, the Bus Verts can take you to more than 100 Norman Towns.

3 / When to go?


Summer vacations are over...No need to be sad though! Since 1971, Deauville turns into the mmost american city in the world during this festival. The most famous artists and movie stars arrive in Normandy to celebrate the seventh art through numerous projections.

Created in 1967 by the Club de l'Auto, this autumnal race was designed for vintage cars only. The competitors can obviously marvel at the vehicles but also at the architectual and historical sites they come across<.


This poetic and theatrical festival is the result of the combination of literature and light. Created in 2001, poets, writers, philosophers and movie-makers meet and explain how light has an impact on their work. During this festival, you can see (and hear) how their texts are performed on stage.

What's more original than this race ? Whether you are a professionnal or not, dress to the nines and get ready for this 4km race. Each tray contains a bottle and two glasses. Don't knock it down if you want to win!
The race starts on the Promenade des Planches. All the proceeds are donated to the Marie Curie Foundation.

Trouville has always been close to the sea, which is why people celebrate it every year. You can attend various events such as search and rescue dogs shows, boat trips and a blessing ceremony. In the evening, the fishermen invite you to join them and spend a friendly time savouring mackerels

You've always wanted to solve a crime ? In November, everybody has a chance to be the best detective in town thanks to this life-size cluedo !

4 / Information and useful addresses

Deauville Tourism office:

Trouville Tourism office:

Emergency number: 112 (Euro zone, 112 redirects you to 15, 17, 18, 115, and 119)

Fire: dial 18

Ambulance (medical emergency): dial 15

Police: dial 17

Missing children: dial 116

Touristic sites


Promenade des Planches



Villa Strassburger


Promenade Savignac


5 / Budget in Deauville and Trouville


The following prices are indicative. They refer to a one night stay in a standard double bedroom and may be subject to confirmation at the time of booking


From €45 to €70*:
You will stay at comfortable hotels located around the city center.

From €70 to €100*:
You can choose between several quiet and comfortable establishments located in the city center.

From €100 to €130*:
You have the possibility to select classic establishments (up to 4 stars) or spend a night on a boat

If you're budget goes over €100:
Get ready for the best establishments in town. Those beautiful half-timbering houses will do their best to receive you in a sophisticated atmosphere.

Take a look at our website to find a hotel to stay in Deauville


From €50 to €80 *:
Those comfy hotels and B&Bs are close to the city center and the seaside.

From €80 to €100*:
Located at the heart of the city center, discover 3 and 4 stars establishments located a few step from the beach.

If your budget goes over €100*:
You can enjoy establishments offering a view on the sea.

Take a look at our website to find a hotel to stay in Trouville


The following prices are indicative. They refer to the price of one course or a menu for one.


From €11.5 to €23.5*:
Want to have a bite on the seaside? Welcome to the D3 ! A Scandinavian atmosphere, a sunny terrace with a view on the sea: that's paradise. The colourful meals are simply savoury.
(Le D3, 3 rue Sem)

From €15 to €75*:
If you love seafood, the best restaurant in town is called Etoile des mers.. This fishmonger's restaurant only offers top quality fresh products. Whatever you favorite meal is (tuna tartare? Lobster? Salmon?), the Chef exactly knows how to please your senses.
(L'Etoile des Mers, 74 rue Gambette)


From €10 to €25*:
Okay, Normandy isn't exactly Brittany... But who said the Normans could'nt make crêpes? Forget all you prejudices by going to Pierre et le Loup, a pancake house located a few steps from the seaside. It's on everybody's lips!
(Pierre et le Loup, 64-66 rue des Bains)

From €15 to €30*:
Located close to the Touques river, Les Bains is a sophisticated and cosy restaurant. The chef only uses seasonal products for his tasty meals!
(Les Bains, 6-10 rue des Bains)

The Brasserie Le Central is very well known in Trouville. Old fashion style french bistrot from the thirties, the restaurant serves fresh seafood and the waiters are numerous and reactive.
(Brasserie Le Central, 158 Boulevard Fernand Moureaux)

From €25 to €75*:
You want something special for a special occasion? La Régence. is the place to go. This gastronomic restaurant is definitely worth it. Once inside, it's like going back in time.
(La Régence, 132 boulevard Fernand Moureaux)

6 / Unmissable visits!

Deauville promenade des planches


The most famous movie stars have already walked along the worldwide know Promenade. The place has nothing to be ashamed of compared to the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Located on the seaside, all you need to do is enjoy the beautiful setting.

This is the emblem of the city. Its doors opened in 1912, since then, many stars have tried their luck inside. Whether you go there for a show, a dring, or to play Blackjack, smart dress required!

Deauville villa strassburger

The magnificent Belle Epoque villa overlooks the city of Deauville. Registered as Historic Monument in 1975, the construction of the architectural jewel was ordered by the baron Rothschild. As a genuine racegoer, he wanted his villa close to the racecourses, the place he chose used to belong to Gustave Flaubert's family farm, le Ferme du Coteau.


    • Promenade Savignac
    • If you want to discover the city in an orignal way, follow the steps of Raymond Savignac, a famous designer. All you need to do is try to find his famous posters while walking around town. Keep your eyes open!


    • The seaside

Walking on the shore is a very peaceful activity, especially in Trouville. Whether you wander on the beach or close to the harbour, you will equally surrender to the beauty of the scenery.


* This travel guide was published in July 2015, prices may then vary.

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